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An update on the proposed closing of the Social Security office in the Western Addition.

PRESS RELEASE: House Minority Leader Opposes Social Security Office Closure

By Howard Egerman, AFGE 

House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco announced her concern about the proposed closure on April 30, 2005 of the Social Security office's Western Addition facility in a letter to Social Security Regional Commissioner Pete Spencer on March 11th.

"I am writing to convey the depth of community opposition to the proposed closing of the Social Security Administration's Western Addition office located on Fillmore Street on April 30, 2005," Congresswoman Pelosi wrote.

She noted that her office has received more than 200 calls from elderly and disabled beneficiaries, their caregivers, and family members who are currently served by the Western Addition office and who "will experience enormous hardship by its closure."

"They (the callers) are concerned about convenience and safety, and dispute claims by SSA that traffic and staffing levels at the Western Addition office necessitate its closure."

Minority Leader Pelosi explained that her district staff met with the former San Francisco Social Security District Manager John Hanley and the current acting manager Lillian Fagan in April 2004 about the use of Social Security resources in the new federal building in the city.  "During this meeting and in subsequent conversations, there was no indication that SSA was seriously considering the consolidation of the Western Addition and Market Street offices before the opening of the new federal building."

The Congresswoman has asked for a meeting for more information on the matter.

Howard Egerman, the union representative for the office from Local 3l72 of the American Federation of Government employees (AFL-CIO), which is fighting the closure, has said that he thanks the Congresswoman for her support and is working with other community leaders to ensure that the office remains open.

“Following the Watts riot in the mid l960's Social Security, like many other agencies, made a commitment to providing public service and facilities in communities where people live.

“The Western Addition is an area that our members are proud to serve and hope to continue to serve.  We will do whatever we can to encourage Social Security officials to reconsider their decision. We urge members of the community to call SSA Regional Commissioner Pete Spencer at 5l0-970-8400 or write him at Social Security, Box 4200, Richmond, CA 94804.  Our Union is proud to represent the needs of our members and the community we are honored to serve."


On March 15, at the urging of District 5 supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopted a “Resolution urging the Social Security Administration to refrain from closing the Western Addition Social Security Office.”