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Pat Murphy Responds

SF Bulldog: Watching City Hall #368 (May 1, 2005)

SF Call: Pat, you & I usually operate in parallel universes, but since you're at the center of all this, it makes sense to ask if you have any comment, either on or off the record.

Pat Murphy: (On the record)

My hat is off to h. brown for his sleuthing ability.

I've known Robert Haaland for years, for longer than I've known Matt Gonzalez, and Robert is more embedded in the political milleu than even myself.

I respect and trust Robert greatly, more so than many in politics.

brown's revelation, I expect, will set off a flurry of reaction/comments, particularly through Monday when many people return to their computers.

I want to see how events unfold through tomorrow.

If it turns my editorial was baseless, then of course I will apologize publicly and profusely.


Editor's note: And he did.