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What Should We Feed?

By Kim Knox

Freedom is contagious. That's why despots fear it so much.

Bill Owens

I don't own a car.

I don't own expensive art.

I don't own a TV.

And I didn't own a computer till last week.

The computer that I was finally convinced to buy came with lots of memory and a reduced price because it was the last in a series of computers introduced in 2004. The last gal at the computer ball.

When I got my computer, I didn't try all of the features. Rather, I tried to figure out how to connect the computer to the internet. When I finally got it connected, I immediately looked for radio stations that transmit music throughout the world.

It reminds me of life. We all have choices of which channels we want to tune into. Do we want to tune into the channels of hate? Or do we want to tune into the channels of hope, acceptance, and joy?

We can rejoice and work with people who empower, strengthen, and accept others just the way that they are. Or we can feed the egos of politicians who break their promises and belittle others. We can watch as business interests pass initiatives that only benefit them. Or we can work to pass initiatives that help everyone.

We can work with others who want to make the world a better place, to reduce the hardships in people's lives, and help others to become leaders. Or we can ignore what we can do together and just leave the world as it is.

It's just up to us to choose which channel to tune into.