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Letter to the Editor of the San Francisco Sentinel

Dear Pat Murphy:

I was disappointed to read your recent editorial in which you claimed that I contacted Supervisors to interfere with a resolution condemning Joe O'Donahue. Such conduct on my part would constitute a violation of San Francisco's ethics laws. As a journalist who has known me for some time, I would expect that you would entertain at least a modicum of skepticism regarding whether there was any truth to this story. I would also expect that as a matter of personal courtesy, not to mention journalistic ethics, you would have attempted to contact me to verify the story before disseminating it.

Let me say clearly that I did not make any phone calls to former colleagues on the Board regarding this matter. None whatsoever.

I encourage you to reveal your alleged source for this story so that we can have a full airing of this claim. I also hope you will alert your readers to my denial of your assertions.

Please be more careful in the future.

Matt Gonzalez