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If people were made of paper, this just might work

Textbook lessons (Part 2)

By Scott Harrison

Let’s go back to the original incident on October 9, 2001. (Take note that it was within thirty days of 9/11 and two days after the United States began bombing Afghanistan.)

In the morning of the set-up against me (the fake incident), my ex-wife and I had an argument on the way to breakfast. More accurately, I made some comments she didn’t like and she broke out into a fury. I said to her on the way to breakfast that I’d read on the internet, on BBC, that a group of Muslim nations had made a statement that if the United States attacked even a one more Muslim nation, there would be severe consequences from all these member Muslim nations. My ex-wife said, “Good.” She strongly agreed with this. I told her that we must not hope for a bigger and wider conflict, that the potential for a much bigger war was a terrible but real possibility. I reminded her that in the last century two major world wars had killed millions of people. She said in response that if a much bigger war happened, it was only the Americans to blame. I said that millions of Americans could be killed, and she said “Good! Then they will get a taste!” That is what she said. This from a woman who is a Moroccan national, a guest in our country, who is getting a free ride from a man she lured into a bogus marriage while she hijacks American laws intended to protect innocent people for her own personal use and profit. Does this bother you, Mr. Hadley?

This, just weeks after Muslim fundamentalists had “declared war on America” and had killed thousands in New York and Washington, D.C.

So let me go on.

I knew my wife was under great stress. I most certainly tried as best as I could to stay away from any controversy or sensitive subjects. This episode in the morning alarmed me by how little it took to set her off. All I was saying to my ex-wife that morning was my sincere concern and worry that the conflict not become much bigger. And it just sent my ex-wife off. Really, she was very very angry. I know for certain that she carries with her an explosive anger.

So what happened that night?

She came home so late that I went to dinner by myself. She slammed the door when I left. I felt bad and brought her dinner when I returned home. When I returned, she was not in the apartment. This was very unusual. When she returned, she behaved strangely… I wasn’t sure what to make of it at the time, but I now am sure she left the apartment to have a last minute meeting with those that were conspiring with her to conduct the fake domestic violence incident. When she returned she had a queer, suddenly cheerful mood. The day had come. The day she had been waiting for. The day to bash the infidel. Well, yes, that is conjecture on my part, but this is a woman I had lived with night and day for 19 months and she really was acting differently than what I normally saw.

We watched a video and I made a thermos of coffee to take into my room for the morning (we had separate rooms, separate beds, and significantly, she stubbornly and tenaciously retained her virginity after 19 months). When I was making coffee, she brought out some books including a small one that purported to show scientifically how Islam is validated. She wanted to show it to a teacher of hers at City College. I asked to take a look. I thumbed through and said I didn’t think it was very scientific. This was the hair trigger to start everything. I guess this was a test of hers to assure herself I was an enemy of her god. Believe me, it is sad on one level, as it is with the terrorists who believed they were doing good by killing people, or the young people who volunteer to be human bombs and blow themselves up in Israel. My ex-wife is like that. Horribly, tragically, utterly mistaken. It is like several other cases (unrelated to mine) I saw in court in the next few years. You just have to wonder: “Is this person a cold-blooded criminal or just criminally insane?” I think the same might apply to my ex-wife. To her, my doubting was not mere doubting, my questioning was not mere questioning, but an insult to her god. It’s hard to express what it was like to live with such a totally and completely indoctrinated person. For Khadija all things with the name “Muslim” or “Islam” were good, wonderful, beautiful, true, and to be worshipped. Any disagreement about this would not be tolerated by her. Her public face and her private face were totally different. Casual friends and acquaintances had no idea how extreme her views really were. People didn’t (and still don’t) have a clue.

Since that time I have thought long and hard about every aspect of my “marriage from hell” and its catastrophic conclusion. I used to think if, perhaps, I had been careful to never mention her religion or any objections I had against it, maybe we could have come through this difficult time and stayed happily married.  I used to think maybe it was my fault she attacked me because I opened my mouth and said what I honestly thought.

That had been my approach most of the time. When we were first married, I read parts of her holy book, the Quran (according to her the direct, untarnished, unadulterated words of God himself) and quickly found many things that troubled me. I soon discovered that I did not dare bring up any of my doubts or questions with her, because if my tone and position was one of doubt and skepticism, then it set off a fury in her. So to help my marriage, I put my opinions away and tried to focus on purely marital things (like making enough money from my bookstore and coaxing her to sexually consummate our marriage and so forth)

I know now that if I had kept strictly quiet and never expressed doubts about her religion, she would have patiently waited until all the papers were in order and then filed for divorce and placed all the blame on me (i.e., saying I was not accepting of her religion). Because I know now (since I have recovered from the fog I was in when I loved her) that it was all phony, she was totally a cheat, and I would have landed with all the other discarded husbands and wives that immigration cheats use and discard. But something happened to disturb that plan. What happened was 9/11 and her determination not to merely discard me but to do something to declare to everyone which side of the war she was on. She took off her mask.

And what did my ex-wife do immediately after 9/11? She became a more ardent, absolute defender of everything Muslim. During the days after 9/11, she was anxious to check out each and every skyjacking video she could find. She got one with Harrison Ford. Then the next night she found another hijacking film, and the next night she asked the clerk to find more, and when he couldn’t find any more, she went to another video store and asked them (there should be a record of two she rented under her name; don’t take my word for it). And that was her thing: violence. She loved martial arts magazines; she loved martial arts movies; and she had a great fondness for fighting, for boxing. She said many times she would like to go fight Israel. But somehow this thing with the hijack films was something darker. It was wrong. It was like she wanted to be a hijacker. Knowing her and her extreme support for all things Muslim (she said a few times she hoped San Francisco and America would be Muslim one day, but I took that rather lightly), I am sure she felt, as many in the Muslim world did, that the hijackers were heroes. Bin Laden was a hero. These were the men on the front line who dared to directly attack America, and she saw them as heroes. Although that certainly troubled me, I wasn’t focused on her militant fundamentalist views back then. I’d been around her a lot and I had gotten used to her comments. I didn’t believe she would act on her views, and I felt sure that with time in San Francisco her views would soften and become more moderate (actually the opposite seemed to happen). But back when I was married, I was trying to keep our marriage together and I was trying hard to believe it wasn’t all a scam on me. That was what took most my time.

I don’t want to digress too seriously, but I don’t want to minimize the complex angles either. But to get back to the night of the incident, I expressed my skepticism at a book about the scientific proofs for Islam. (But I did agree to take it and read it in greater detail.) Then I asked, directly and without anger, "What do you think of bin Laden?” And my ex-wife answered me, “I love bin Laden. I wish I had married him instead of you!”

Then shortly afterwards, as I’ve recounted to deaf ears everywhere, my ex-wife picked up a dish on our kitchen table and threw it violently against the dishes in the wooden rack on the counter. Then she paused and stepped over and violently sent the entire rack of dishes smashing and flying against the corner of the sink (which caused many to break). Then after a pause, she stepped over to the reinforced window of the back door. Swinging above the trash container and her laundry cart, she smashed a big hole in the window, then went up close and shouted out of the broken window, “HELP! HELP SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE!!! HELP!!” She either cut her hand when she broke the window or deliberately cut her hand with the intention to later be able to show the police an “injury.” She then took a swing at the other window above the sink. She looked at other things she might break or smash but then said, “I’m going to kill myself!!!” and headed directly towards the long knives at the side of the kitchen stove. These were the same knives she had threatened me with in the first months of our marriage (some of which was recorded in journals at the time; documentation of this was filed in Civil Court as part of the divorce proceedings). She was not going to kill herself. When she went for the knives, her deliberate purpose was to get me to lay my hands on her and further pile up the “evidence.” And it worked. If the person you love says they are going to hurt themselves, wouldn’t you hold onto them to stop them? Sure. I did, too. I got hold of her wrist. Then I got a firm hold of her upper right arm. At that moment she stopped trying to get to the knives (which wasn’t her real objective). She didn’t break my grip, which she easily could have done with her taekwando training. Instead she held in place and deliberately struggled with my grip without actually trying to break free. That whole part of the fake incident was well planned out and premeditated to get me to grip her upper arm. This is just one aspect that makes it certain that she was well coached. I ask you: by whom?

Then she said she was going to call the police. I think she may have actually dialed 911 and deliberately hung up. Then two or three minutes later, she called again, and although she was in absolutely no danger and I was busy comforting her, telling her I loved her, getting paper towels for her cut hand and taping a piece of cardboard over the broken window… despite all the calm... the moment she got on the phone she went into totally fake hysterical yelling. She said over the phone “HELP! My husband is attacking me! Send someone! HELP. Oh, someone come. HELP!! HELP!”

The tragic thing, one of the many missed opportunities, was that that 911 police call was not preserved. It was one further instance of the shoddy, shallow, incompetent investigation that occurred. The reason is that if her words from her 911 call were carefully transcribed (since she was making it all up from the top of her head) and the details were compared with what she later told police, then the two would have been night-and-day different.

Unfortunately, inconsistencies, unless they are helpful to the prosecution of the man, are pretty much ignored. I learned this when her police statement and her statement to detectives the next day and her written sworn statement to civil court had glaring inconsistencies on critical facts… this didn’t seem to trouble the police one bit. Or, actually, it was out of the police hands by then; it didn’t bother the lawyers or judges. Even my so-called defense lawyer said, “They’ll just claim her English was not good.” Maybe so, but then is it logical to just let the innocent man get flushed down the toilet anyway? So, she wins? Her story’s too slippery? Give up? So they don’t even investigate anything of what I am saying? Well, that is precisely how it turned out. They never asked her even a single question. Not according to police reports. Not according to court documents. I had to go to Criminal Court and the Hall of Justice something like fifty times in the next three years. She never had to go once. I had to pay thousands of dollars for fines, “counseling,” probation, and court costs. She paid nothing. She got Civil Court to require me to send her monthly alimony payments (through the lawyer that she got for free because she was a “victim”).

Anyway, the police responded to her call and arrested me. They consciously or unconsciously cleaned my statements of anything incriminating against my ex-wife. I said she had deliberately broken the window. That never made it into the police report. That never made it into their investigation. That always fell on deaf ears.

I wish to suggest to you, Mr. Hadley, that this person, Khadija Wahab, is a very dangerous individual. Her deep-seated extreme religious views, the links she has to others as extreme as she is, the manner in which she presents a mask, a mask that hides her considerable anger, and her conspiracy with others who planned this act together. Her constant, deliberate false statements to everyone including under oath. Her willingness to use violence even to the point of injuring herself. This is the portrait of a potentially very dangerous person, Mr. Hadley.

You have it in writing Mr. Hadley. Am I making myself clear?

Is this letter to be considered a continuation of abuse upon her? If you think I am a liar and have lied to your face for three straight years, let me just say this: I was there. I know what happened. I know I am the only victim, and you and the police and the entire system were made complete asses of. I stood up and told her what I believed, and I stand up to you and the system and tell you the truth. And I also know nobody in the system much gives a damn. They get paid anyway, don’t they?

Anything I have said here it would be my pleasure to say under oath in a courtroom,


Scott Harrison