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About Prop. 63

This email message is from Jennifer Baity Carlin, from the Coalition for Public Health, who was one of the main forces in saving the Mental Health Rehabilitation Center. 


With the election just around the corner, I'm hoping you will take a couple minutes to forward this email widely throughout California. It's important that as many people watch this animation featuring Ed Asner urging support for Prop 63 as possible. The animation is educational and fun to watch.

As the animation explains, Prop 63 will expand mental health care in California. I'm volunteering my time by building an online network of friends and family.

After you've watched the animation, please support the campaign and send the animation to everyone you know by forwarding THIS email. By sending this email, with a link back to my personal Campaign Page, you will be directly helping my efforts to build support for Prop 63.

Thanks for your support!

Jennifer Baity Carlin, LCSW

PS - if the link below is not clickable you can copy and paste the longer link into your browser.

(The Asner animation piece is at the very top of this webpage.)

Click here to go to my Campaign Page to watch the animation >>

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