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June 6, 2003


Becky, at a crossroads

By Eric Marks (ericm@journalist.com)
Miss Livingston I presume
Is well acquainted with the latest art
Of descant and literature
After tilling the fields for eight hours
And then boiling the sweet potatoes of her labor for one more,
She cooks a pie and reads Chaucer.
Is she college material or will she take over the family farm?
She heads to the local store, Samís it is called-on the wrong
Side of the tracks
Moreover, buys her soda.
Others read the Weekly World News
She is poring over Conrad.
While some read the Livingston Chronicle,
She reads Beowulf, King of the Geats.
Can she keep tilling the fields and
Satisfy her quest for knowledge?
This farm girl, does she opt out of her family heritage?
To plow through paper and write?
The answer comes apparent at the failure of the winter harvest.