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May 9, 2003


Alioto Says Superior Court Action About Competency Not Ideology

Reiterates Support for Implementation of the Best Aspects of Prop. N

Former San Francisco Board of Supervisor President and civil rights attorney Angela Alioto today reiterated her support for a solution to San Francisco's chronic homeless problem. Citing a judge's dismissal of Prop. N, Alioto questioned Gavin Newsom's legislative competence and his ability to implement needed change.

"Every San Franciscan wants an answer to the continuing problem of chronic homelessness. I applaud voters for their willingness to take strong action. Last November, San Franciscans spoke loud and clear. I heard them and continue to support the implementation of the most effective parts of Proposition N ."

Alioto continued, "However, this city also deserves competent effective leadership. Newsom should have known the law. The judge's ruling says he didn't. San Francisco needs a mayor

who knows the law, and can build an effective coalition of six votes on the Board. I've done both, Newsom has done neither. Proposition N's rejection by the Superior Court is not about ideology -- but competence."

Within the next two weeks, Alioto will release a homeless plan that builds on Care Not Cash and combines the dedication and expertise of community organizations with the resources of city government. The chronic homeless will be given access to proven effective programs that zero in on the root causes of chronic homelessness: drug addiction, lack of job training and housing.

Alioto's plan holds people and programs accountable for results and breaks the cycle of crime and drug addiction that is the root cause of chronic homelessness in San Francisco.