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April 7, 2003


Eric Jaye's Terrorist Comment: Letter from Angela Alioto to Gavin Newsom

April 7, 2003

Gavin Newsom
Newsom for Mayor
1625 Van Ness Avenue, 3rd Fl.
San Francisco, CA 94109

Re: Eric Jaye

Dear Gavin,

In an article in the San Francisco Examiner dated Tuesday April 1, 2003, your campaign manager, Eric Jaye, was quoted as saying that, "It's the act of a political terrorist. She is trying to blow herself up and Gavin Newsom alongside her." The "terrorist" in the first sentence and the "she" in the second sentence is in reference to me.

Charges and counter-charges are part of political debate. This comment by your campaign manager, however, goes far beyond political debate. It is an outrageous statement that goes beyond the bounds of acceptable political discourse.

It is insensitive to the men and women who are fighting in Iraq and it is an insult to all people who have felt the horror of terrorism.

Equating me to a terrorist "trying to blow herself up" ..."along side" you is intolerable. Since Mr Jaye made this statement on your behalf, I ask that you terminate his involvement in your campaign. Anything less than termination is ratification of such defamation per se on your part.

Sincerely yours,


Angela Alioto