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April 4, 2003


Jim Reid’s House About to Go?

The Smallest House in San Francisco is scheduled to be evicted from its Bernal Heights hillside lot next Tuesday.

Candidate for mayor, Jim Reid, has failed to convince anyone with money that building housing for homeless people or poor working-class people in San Franciscans is a good idea.

In spite of extensive coverage of his little house on TV and in the press, very few people have come forward with any money to support the idea. Reid’s landlord, who was supportive of the idea and allowed the monthly rent to slide, has come to a point that he has told Reid to pay up or move out.

$3,500 is needed to keep that house in San Francisco. Reid planned to take the remainder of the year off so that he could campaign for mayor, hoping that people would support his ideas so that he could keep the big-name well-funded candidates focused on the issues. “Seems like they will revert to personal attacks rather than discuss concrete solutions to complex social problems,” Says Reid.

Reid and his campaign manager have concluded that people do not give money to candidates until they believe that they will win. “Where is Gordon Getty when I need him?”

For further information, contact Jim Reid at www.SFMayor.com or 415-826-6106