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April 11, 2003


Alioto Questions Newsom's Vote on Liquor License Ban

April 8, 2003. San Francisco - Mayoral candidate Angela Alioto today called on her opponent, Supervisor Gavin Newsom, to withdraw his vote supporting a ban on the issuance of new liquor licenses along a portion of the Third Street corridor in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood.

Said Alioto, "As the owner/president of several businesses that have liquor licenses, he has a clear self-interest in supporting Supervisor Maxwell's legislation. Clearly these bans are beneficial to Newsom and his business investors. He should do the right thing and recuse himself from voting on any issue that appears to provide a personal benefit."

"Supervisor Newsom," said Alioto, "thinks he can get away with constantly voting on issues that potentially enrich himself and his investors.  Supervisor Ammiano and the rest of the Board of Supervisors should request that Supervisor Newsom recuse himself from votes that benefit Newsom and his investors. Newsom's selective disregard of his conflict of interest is exactly what the public is fed up with. His support of the "business as usual" attitude at City Hall must stop now.

"As a member of the Board of Supervisors, I supported legislation that prohibited the issuance of liquor licenses to stop the proliferation of liquor stores in certain neighborhoods that were impacted by public drunkeness and crime. However, I was not the owner of numerous liquor licenses located throughout the city. Clearly, if I had been I would have voluntarily recused myself from voting on such legislation."