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April 11, 2003


Alioto Calls for Reform of City's Management of Sole Source Contracts 

April 10, 2003. San Francisco - Mayoral candidate Angela Alioto today called for swift reform of the City's management of its sole source contracts. Alioto is calling for reforms after reviewing Controller Ed Harrington's April 7, 2003 report on sole source contracts.

Said Alioto, "I am stunned, but not surprised, after reading the Controller's report on the lack of management of sole source contracts. I first called on the City to look at this issue in 1994, after a $40 million contract for a new emergency radio system was awarded to Motorola without competitive bidding. As a result of this contract, I held a hearing before the Board of Supervisors which concluded that millions of dollars in contracts had not been put out for competitive bids."

"As mayor," said Alioto, "I will guarantee the residents of San Francisco that all city departments will strictly follow the Charter and Administrative Code that governs sole source contracting. I have made that promise a part of my campaign platform. We would not be faced with cutting many vital health and social services, or laying off the workers who provide those services, if the Brown administration had followed city law. The purpose of competitive bidding is to find a contractor who will provide quality service at a reasonable price - saving the City millions of dollars. That money would be much better spent on the programs San Franciscans want and need, rather than lining the pockets of a select few. This issue is about good government and looking after the taxpayers' interests."