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April 1, 2003



First they tried to stop it in the courts...

Then they tried to stop it at the ballot...

Now they are trying to stop Care Not Cash at the Board of Supervisors.

Come out and show your support for Proposition N, Care Not Cash.

Wednesday, April 2, 9:15 AM
City Hall, Room 267


The advocates for the status quo are mobilizing to stop the implementation of Proposition N, Care Not Cash. The Board of Supervisors is holding a hearing on Care Not Cash and may try to interfere with the Department of Human Services' implementation.

Proposition N, Care Not Cash, was approved by the voters in November of 2002. This initiative mandated that the City of San Francisco change its current cash based system of providing aid to the homeless to a services based system. Service based systems are in place in most major cities and in every other county in the San Francisco Bay Area with the exception of San Francisco and Marin. These systems save lives, help the homeless get off the streets and transition into productive lives.

For more information or to RSVP for April 2nd please email us at CareNotCash@yahoo.com or call (415) 359-0230.


Gavin Newsom for Mayor
Campaign HQ
1625 Van Ness, 3rd Floor
(between California and Sacramento)
P: 415.359.0230
F: 415.359.0232


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