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March 25, 2003


Find Your Phone Number on Google.com

There is a new feature that makes it possible to type a telephone number into Google's search bar, click the search button, and have a MapQuest page returned as a result. Any person wishing to discover the physical location of a phone number, be it a home or business address, could use this feature to locate a street address and receive explicit directions on how to get there from anywhere in the country. One positive use of this feature could be to determine the location of, say, n party for whom you may only have a telephone number. On a negative note, this feature could also be used by an angry party to find out where you live.

Google has made available an option that will allow anyone to remove their telephone number from the database that is linked to the mapping feature. You will first need to check if your number is listed in this manner by attempting a search -- entering your full telephone number separated by dashes (e.g., 404-524-5811).

If the number appears in the mapping database, an icon resembling a telephone will appear next to the first or second entry on the results page. Clicking on this icon will take you to a page containing a description of the service, and a link to request your number be removed from the database.

Maybe you don't want people having a direct map (and the map IS perfect) to your house just by having your phone number. Go to www.google.com and type in your phone number. See how accurate the map is.... leading right to your house.

[Editor’s note: This “reverse directory” is obviously based on phone company records. If your address isn’t listed in the phone book, most likely MapQuest will point to a location in the middle of your hometown. Nevertheless, your name will pop up with you type in your phone number.]