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February 10, 2003


The President's Whoop

By Gary Corseri


Is that a sniper at your back?
Hey, it's no problem bomb Iraq!

Is your money running low,
think you've lost your business knack?
Is your spouse about to go?
Not a problem bomb Iraq!

IRA's are out the door?
Business scandals make you slack?
Know the drill, but not the score?
No problema bomb Iraq!

Osama scare you?  Anthrax?  Crack?
Hanging chads?  The kid next door?
Do you think I out-gored Gore?
Problem, shmoblem bomb Iraq!

Could you use a lot more oil
in your SUV out back?
Air pollution make you boil?
Do like DaDa bomb Iraq!

Think two plus two is always four?
Think me grammar somethink lack?
Well, thing again, and listen, Mac,
when in doubt just bomb Iraq!