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Friday, August 23, 2002

From the website of the New Mission News:

In memoriam: VICTOR MILLER 

Eminent Torch of the Community 

Victor Miller suffered a heart seizure in his home on Wednesday night (21AUG 8pm) and was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived within minutes of being called by his roommates. News of Victor's surprising sudden death has sent shockwaves throughout the many circles in which Victor played an important role.  Victor Miller looked younger than his 54 years and appeared to be in good heath bicycling to many stops in his busy workday.

Victor Miller was a well-known and highly respected member of the Mission community in large measure because he was the editor and publisher of the New Mission News. This well regarded, monthly community newspaper has been the paper of record for the last two decades for the internationally known artist, Latin and bohemian neighborhood most often referred to as the Inner Mission.

Victor's was very proud of the New Mission News and its masthead that read “Comforting The Afflicted and Afflicting the Comfortable since 1980.”  Victor was did not shy away from any battles and while all parties involved in a story had their say, their was little doubt that the paper was the people’s paper in supporting the low income newcomers in their struggle for dignity and a brighter future.

On Thursday morning a sign and flowers were placed on the door to the New Mission News. The sign read:

Bye Victor
For all through the battles you raged.
An eminent torch surrounded by arrogance, ignorance and greed.
Who here now to hold that flame tight to the temples of oppression?
No…No one
It will require community.
Rest Now .
Wish Us Luck.

Goodbye my friend.

Victor Miller was not known to have any health problems and was planning to eventually retire with his life partner Kathy Sullivan to property the two had purchased together in Belize

Victor Miller was also the President of the Mission Merchants Association, the oldest neighborhood business association in the Bay Area. The President of the Board of Supervisors, Tom Ammianno has scheduled a special acknowledgement for next Monday session at City Hall. More information will become available pending notification of next of kin.