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Monday, May 17, 2002

Two Poems by Mark Schwartz

Here above plentitude

are the homeless people

reading their People’s Tribune

and drinking cappuccinos

an arc of water in crystal rainbow

bathes their feet

in rivers ending in tributaries

far from the desert of the nomads

where salt lines the tongue

until sand crumbles in corners of eyes

“will you wear my eyes”

asks the poet Bob Kaufman

in a drunk oblivion chewing a cop’s ear

while Micheline pisses on the cop’s feet

beneath the green corner building in North Beach

clowns wearing street clothes

dream in colored jingle bells

christmas lights and the red and green

of rain soaked streets

and the earthworm crosses the road


with Eric


One thing that is good about the war

is that it took one’s mind off the earthquake

which took one’s mind off the drought

which took one’s mind off the homeless

which took one’s mind off of sex

which took one’s mind off.


with Jerry