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Monday, March 11, 2002

St. Patrick to the T


Our March 17th holiday march is starting

With winter in the air, here, lingering

Beside the MBTA station in Andrew Square.


City of Boston snowplows lead us:

Our various marching bands deploy us

As young girls swap sweet smiles

Between bright beautiful faces

Bobbing above boobs and bottoms,

Bright green silk uniforms sheen

As greensward whereupon lie here

Emerald shamrocks, golden harps, hair.


Our majorette’s pear-studded baton

Is now aloft, a golden arrow, oh

Her hair is the goldenest of all!

Southie’s politicians wear

Green skullies, their fare

Green potatoes, green cabbage,

Corned beef, green beer –

Meet to our Irish palateers.


Our ceremony is now a-launching:

Amphibian floats are moving

New colors from the beginning

Military bands are uttering

Such martial music making

Sympathetic the heartstrings

Of even the unpatriotic watching!


V.I.P guests and aides crowding

Into the center, dramatically, while

His Honor Kevin Hagan White, arriving,

On foot, hardly nonchalant, alighting

On the favored spot, responding

To hurrahs, echoing, drowning

The military music, is rewarding!


Over us all a lime balloon is arising

Advertising: “Erin Go Braless!”

Everyone is charged with feeling

The lightest touch igniting Irish laughter,

Saint Elmo’s Irish fire, rekindling

Our interest in the Art of Living

Philip Hackett

(P.O. Box 330168, San Francisco, CA 94133-0168)