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Friday, November 8, 2002

Here's a long-post election statement re: Spiro "Ted" Agnew, NiXXon's co-regent ("Why don't they just leave my daddy alone & let him rule?" - 'Tricia Nixon on Watergate)


[stanzas 4 Spiro T. Agnew]


For decades there was a graffitum

hidden under the Treadway Motel

dead-center, Harvard Square


& by slowly making the loop

in the underground garage

looking for a parking-space,


on the last cement stanchion

on the left, we could see

in sharp scratchy handwriting:


"Spiro Will B Back!" Scribbled

below it in another sharp hand:

"Sh!t Floats!" (verbatim.)


long since erased. You died in '96.

I wrote this on the Internet 2day

just 2 graffitiflame you on it.


Funny, but, y'know, Spiro, it's far

far funnier now than back then when

we saw it in slo-mo so long ago.

Bill Costley (billcostley@attbi.com)