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second half


 A love poem


looking deep into your eyes
I see the Tigris and the Euphrates
I ride an Arabian across the sands of Giza
and marvel at the many pyramids hidden by Cheops
at Petra I talk at length with a Bedouin
and he tells me all there is to know about lapis lazuli
and the Romanesque coliseum behind us
his horse is beautiful and his camel ornery
the color pink surrounds us
in the sand and in the sky
it is dusk and I am roaming the cafés of Cairo
suddenly I feel the tip of a knife blade at my stomach
and smell the essences
the rich red ruby sparkling on top of gold
I know still surrounds your finger
outside Amman I dance with Palestinians
and meet Queen Noor in Jerash
beggars in black hide their faces behind hijabs
revealing only their downcast eyes
would-be killers approach me in the lobby of the Shepherd Hotel
and a Benedictine monk asks me to escort him to the elevator
later an elderly archaeologist asks me to accompany her to the ruins
I do, recalling how your eyes penetrated my own


Philip Hackett