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second half

Terza rima is a verse form of interlinked tercets. The second line of each tercet rhymes with the first and third line of the following, e.g., aba, bcb, cdc, etc. Dante’s Divine Comedy was written with this method. These are terza rima sonnets, each with an embedded haiku.


Deconstructing Dante

Deconstructing Hector

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate. Same epigraph.
— Divina Commedia


This, the friggin’ 4th try at a terza rima, Those anarchist sestinas are for the birds —
Thought it’d be easier than a sonnet, Their crazy rhyme scheme has bound you tight
I got tired of writing the anarchist sestina.


Till you can't see the poetry for the words.


These damn rimes are all flat, doggone it, And when the terza rima loses its bite
I want to go back to haiku: You decide a well-turned haiku says it all:
     All the lamps are lit,


     Wet sidewalks at night.


     Backyards smell of Bar B Q,      Sleeping bags against the wall.
     Mountain lions kill crows.      Merry Christmas, Gav.
Not much. All I can do.


Perhaps. Or maybe the detour is just a stall.


Golly, this poem blows. An attempt to alleviate pains that poets have
I want an art form easy as breath, From frequent workouts on a familiar track
A creative flow that flows.


With seventeen drops of Japanese salve.


Doing rima is my poetic death, It’s time to get your joie d’écrire back.
O hell, I’ll just chew some more meth.


Bust out! Pack up! Hit the road, Jack!


Hector Q. Mooney Susannah Martin