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The Call goes home. During the past several months, the Call has lived a peripatetic existence, taking shape in strange apartments and motel rooms and acquiring an oddly confused aura as it circumnavigated the city in search of a place to lay its head. I’m happy to announce that it has recently moved back to its own space in Bernal Heights. The befuddled air may continue for a couple of weeks, until the boxes and files supporting the paper are unpacked. But at least, its feet are firmly planted on the ground once more.

For those of you who were the recipients of unusually curt responses — or none — to phone calls and letters, please accept our humble apologies. A lack of stable lodging shortens tempers.

Please, Mr. President, please. A number of petitions urging international restraint have been circulating on the internet. The academic community in particular has supported one, which can be found at http://home.uchicago.edu/~dhpicker/petition; in the first week, the petition received nearly 400,000 signatures.

Another, compiled by Foreign Policy In Focus, a joint project of the Institute for Policy Studies and the Interhemispheric Resource Center, appears at www.fpif.org/form_terrorsignon.html; these are the folks who produce the ezine Progressive Response.

A third, drawn up by Helen Fox at the University of Michigan (hfox@umich.edu), is entitled simply “A Petition for Sanity.”

Or if you’re so inclined, you can join Pat Murphy of the Sentinel and “serenely smile back at the next sermon, the next homily, the next such soapbox ear splitter...and email Washington (president@whitehouse.gov) to lock and load.”

Crisis creativity. Protest takes many forms. Like other activists across the county, Bay Area residents are building on the methods and alliances forged over the past years of demonstrations at meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Speakers from Global Exchange, Green Party, Middle East Children’s Alliance, ADC, International Socialist Organization, Organizer Newspaper, Solidarity, Mobilization to Free Mumia, Socialist Action, SWO, Jewish Voice for Peace, and other organizations sponsored a “town hall meeting to stop hate & war” last Thursday at Golden Gate Lutheran Church, the first of many, the group promises. The new coalition can be reached at stop_bush@hotmail.com.

September_11.jpg (32332 bytes)On the other hand, local artist Ron Henggeler returned to his old habit of producing political posters. Old wine, new vessel. Once again, he has pieced together a series of visual protests, which he posted on the internet instead of telephone poles.