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Watching City Hall

by h. brown

Power to the people!
— deluded hippie expression

You really think we’re going to beat PG&E on election day? They called in their big brothers to help kick our ass. You know, AT&T & SBC. Other acronyms are solidly behind them. SPUR and the usual suspects (hi Alex). On our side we have acronyms, too. We have HUH? And of course, DUH.

It’s an SUV against a VW again. Fasten your seatbelts & just hope the welds hold on the roll bar. The same old story — we’ll crawl away from the wreckage, refusing medical aid ’cause we got quality-of-life warrants.

h. brown’s kiss of death

Ever have your date act like they don’t know you after you get into the big party? My political endorsements are kind of like that. Oh, I don’t mind. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know me. What the hell, let’s brand em anyway:

Eisenberg for city attorney (a bull dog among poodles)

Carlos Petroni for treasurer (no machine connections)

YES!! On EVERY proposition (Power to the people!!)

MUD directors

Jim Reid: No one on this ballot deserves your support more. Willie hates him most. Need I say anything else? Jim, a builder, designed a shelter module for homeless, ran the Recall Willie Petition Drive …

Garrett Jenkins: He’s been wrestling with the bear in our backyard for many years. Give the guy a little help.

Joel Ventresca: “In the beginning was the word” … and Joel Ventresca.

Alioto: This particular family dynasty, like the Kennedys, works for the people.

Your own name: Just to practice your voting skills, enter your own name as a write-in. You could end up in a run-off with 30,000 people. It would give me something to write about.

OK, now you have my choices. Gleaned from literally thousands of hours glued to the tube watching the bastards work. Or trying to stop the work, as the mayor’s folks usually do.

Speaking of which, did ya see the Finance Committee last Wednesday? 6th District supervisor Chris Daly, who challenged the Bechtel contract ’cause he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to give away our water system like we did our power generation, sat voteless while Aaron (“Let’s make a deal!”) Peskin & Finance chair Count Mark Leno gave away the farm. How valid was the Bechtel bill? Those old boys did a SELF-audit of their performance and thought they were doing just swell. Board cash-flow analyst Harvey Rose noted that the Bechtel audit “fails to meet professional standards for independence.” Bechtel nodded and replied that in the future, “we will provide some quantifiable benefit to the PUC”. Uh huh, I told my last wife that about my contributions to our marriage. Bechtel forever!!!

Some call it work

Peskin & Leno voted in favor of grabbing the unattended possessions of the homeless without warning. Well, I live in the Tenderloin & clean the street daily in front of my dwelling & here’s how the homeless are dealing with that one.

Overheard beneath my window: An old hand on the streets was telling a new shopping cart dweller how to keep the cops away from his cart: “Tell em you’re an addict & there are dirty needles in there. … Put big jars of piss on the sides of the cart where they can see them.”

Another free-range camper showed how to store your things in a pinch. As I watched through my window, the guy stripped down to his underwear (he was a transvestite, which made it more interesting) & then proceeded to put on a fresh set of duds & toss the soiled garments (one piece at a time) into a tree across the street. Amazing. Down on the corner, the homeless use newspaper racks to stuff bedrolls & pillows. Trying to avoid this kind of spectacle, Board President Ammiano, supported by supes Daly & Gonzalez tried to get the board to force the city to provide more storage. The remainder of the board listened sympathetically & gave their answer: “Pack this away, boys!”

Can you do better? sobone@juno.com

h. brown